Pc games

We at 365IThub want to promote gaming at all levels, you can come on in and enjoy a surreal gaming experience at our centers, we make sure to have the top games in our catalog for you to enjoy, some of our most famous games are:

  1. Counter strike: global offensive: A first person shooter that has taken the world by storm, it is an all-time classic and one of the top running games in the catalog.
  2. Fortnite battle royale: A 100 player pvp, on one map, it combines the traditional first person shooter with building skills. Play against 99 other players and last man standing wins.
  3. League of legends: An online battle arena game, different sized of teams fight across different modes to win the game. A hot game since the last few years.
  4. Player’sunknown’s battleground: A battle royale game mode where you go against 99 other players to survive till the last and win.
  5. Rocket league: A vehicular soccer game, a game that has won over a 150 awards.

These are some of the top running games we have and we make sure to have our games catalogue up to date with the best games that are available in the market.


Console games

We just do not stop at pc gaming. The gaming community even though more than half comprises of pc gamers still has a lot of console gamers. We make sure to include the best portfolio of games that is better or matches the quality of the portfolio of pc games. We keep the same games for ps4 andXbox, some of the games with high demand are:

  1. FIFA 18: The number one football simulation game that exists in the market and gamers of all levels make sure to include this game in their collection so have we!
  2. Rocket league: A vehicular soccer game, a game that has won over a 150 awards.
  3. Fortnite battle royale: A 100 player PVP, on one map, it combines the traditional first person shooter with building skills. Play against 99 other players and last man standing wins.
  4. Need for speed rivals: NFS: rivals is one of the best racing games available in the market.
  5. Madden 18: The top American football simulation game created by EA sports.

We always try to make sure to keep the best console games a part of our system to give our gaming community access to the best that is available right now in the global market.

Console games

We have emphasized that we aim to become a complete gaming café where people can come in and have the best gaming experience. Even though we have all the games you can think of in our portfolio we have gone a step further and added Steam to our elite gaming PC’s but wait, the question you probably have is, “what if I don’t have a steam account?” Then we say that don’t worry! We got you covered! We have our own steam accounts on all our PC’s, but if you have an account, just login your account and download and play all the games you have in your portfolio. So if you want to experience steam, just come to 365IThub, choose your package from our list of gaming packages and get on our Gaming PC’s whose specifications have been carefully selected to play all steam games available on the platform! We want to give you a complete steam experience in our Café and we know that steam does not stop at gaming only and we don’t either, steam does all things gaming, so do we. That’s why steam makes a great addition to our PC’s and our café. Another important part of steam is streaming and we have made sure that our PC’s can handle live streaming effortlessly so that you can stream your gaming experience smoothly and share it with the world. The reason for providing a steam service in our gaming service is to give players who want to continue their saved progress on our PC’s our play their own games they can just come in and do so. Another reason why we have steam is that as we have said that we want to be a gaming café that promotes gaming in every way possible, so we want to give players a platform to showcase their skills by playing on steam and streaming their skills and hopefully get selected to participate in tournaments for their preferred game and make it big in the world of e-sports. We want to be the medium through which we can help people become prominent personalities in the e-sports world and by adding steam to our gaming pc’s makes it easier for us to do that and in a much better way as steam is an already established platform with a huge fan base. We want to be the bridge between players and steam and a really smooth and supportive one.

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