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Computer repair Services

The second service that we offer is that of computer care. A gaming computer is different than a traditional computer and it needs to be handled differently. A gaming computer is more complicated with the addition of graphic cards and the slightest of mishandling of these pc’s can ruin your gaming experience and we at 365ithub want to exactly stop that from happening. 365ithub has been founded by gamers, is run by gamers for gamers. We have highly trained professionals on our team who are gamers and know how a gaming pc is different from a traditional one and how it should be handled completely differently and what are the minor configuration differences that can make or break the experience of a proud owner of a gaming pc. We promise to take care of your PC and have it tuned accurately to the exact requirements of the portfolio of games you decide to play on your prized machine. Apart from repairs we have parts that can be added upon request to enhance your gaming experience and make it even better than it was before. The parts we provide are genuine and of the highest grade which are only added to our shelves after close inspection and tests to give our customers a guaranteed good experience.

CD-burning service

In our Internet café CD burning is another service that we provide and have added to our portfolio of services we offer apart from gaming. We can help you burn your important documents on a CD. You can either bring in your own blank CD or can choose one from our wide variety and different quality of CD’s depending on your budget. We as tech freaks have deployed the best software on our PC’s for all our services and we did not leave CD burning behind. We have highly qualified technicians who can help you burn your CD the way you want with the proper formatting for the right kind of player so that you do not face difficulties when the time to run the CD is upon you. We can duplicate your CDs for you, burn DVDs or any sorts of burning needed, we can do all of these services for single or bulk orders and provide you with the highest quality of burn you can imagine. Apart from preparing your CD’s we can design a suitable graphics for the cover of the CD or the case of the CD so that you can have great looking CD’s that can be as good on the outside as they are on the outside. So come to 365IThub Internet café and place your order and explain how you want your CD’s to be like and we will make them exactly like those and while you’re at it you enjoy some of our games as well.

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