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We host our parties in a specially designed gaming lounge where you can find the majority of games and the controllers

Plan your Kids Party at 365 ITHub

Are you planning for your kid’s birthday party? Are you trying to find birthday parties places in Cork City? Are you looking to throw a video game themed party for your kid?

365ITHub is one of the best Birthday parties places in cork city.

Make a big splash with the party at the most fun and energetic party venues for kids in cork city. We help set up everything you need so you need not to be worried and enjoy the party. Throwing a Birthday party can be quite a task that is why you need to leave all the hassle to us and you just sit back and enjoy the party. In our video game theme, we offer several fun PC games, PlayStation 4 pro, Nintendo switch and the virtual reality games. We have many VR games and several most famous PC games available. So here every kid has the lot to play with. 365ITHub is one of the best birthday parties places in Cork City.

We will host any kind of party be its Christmas party, Birthday party or Lan party. Our dedicated gaming lounge entertains people of all ages. We host our parties in a specially designed gaming lounge where you can find the majority of games and the controllers. The kids can enjoy any game they want to play and as many times as they want. So come and have a lifetime of experience here at 365ITHub.

We can entertain up to 16 PC gamers and 6 console gamers in a single go. Now, you might be looking for a smaller party in our lounge well, we can entertain a minimum of 4 gamers. So what are you waiting for come on and have your friends over for a thrilling gaming night here at 365ITHub?

We have all the games available in our Gaming Lounge library and if in case you are planning for a tournament to happen we can plan it too. The most popular games for these types of tournaments include Streetfighter, PUBG, League of Legends, Fifa, Dota to name a few. You just need to pick your favorite game we’ll do the rest. The winners of the tournament will be awarded something great. It may not be the most prestigious award but I’m sure the winners will cherish it as it worth their while.

We can organize any game related event in the cork city and we also love to set up challenges for the gamers to compete. What you need to do is pick a game and we’ll provide you with a challenge for that game and everyone in cork city can participate in it. So you can bring over your friends and have a go at it. If you complete the challenge then you’ll become a record holder here at 365ITHub. The winners of these challenges are up for some exciting goodies and gift cards from 365ITHub.

So what are you waiting for, pick up your phone and call us to book your spot for any kind of party like a birthday party, Christmas party or Lan party?

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