We at 365IThub do not want to limit ourselves to gaming only. We aspire to be a gaming café which can integrate multiple very important services into its portfolio; we already offer high quality printing in our Internet café & great computer repairing services provided by the best technicians in the market and a web designing service where you can come in and have a highly engaging and interactive website made at a very viable cost. The fourth service that we offer is advertising. We everyday are exposed to a very high number of adverts, but not all are good. A good or bad ad can make or break your business. Even if your ad is great if it is not paired up with an effective strategy it will not reach your intended audience. We at 365IThub want to solve this problem for you by providing in house advertising services where we advertise your product or service inside our gaming café where you can reach out to a huge diverse market. So how does our advertising work and why should you choose to do it through us? As we all know the gaming industry is a really valuable industry and is one that is still booming and we allow you to target its audience. You can start with us by contacting 365IThub Gaming Lounge and we will design a visually appealing graphic which will be relayed on our screens over a short period of time for our customers to see. We design these graphics with the help of our highly qualified and creative graphic designers.

Another way we promote your product or service is by printing it on the bottom of our receipts which are given to every individual who comes to 365Ithub café to play and always carry them home with them. The third way we promote your product or service is by the oldest method of marketing known to person; word of mouth. We as your advertising partner make it a point to mention your product or service to our customers through our employees. All our employees endorse your product and recommend it to customers to make sure to buy it. The advantage of doing it through us that we keep the cost of advertising through us as minimal as possible as compared to the traditional methods that can burn a hole in your pocket and make it almost near to impossible for a medium or small sized business to afford. So if you want to work with us, please visit our office to get a quote or contact us through any method and inform us of what you want and we give you the best price for it and promise to leave you satisfied!

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