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365IThub is a modern gaming café that aims to help the gaming community of Cork city, Ireland come together under one roof and connect with fellow gamers who take interest in the same games as them and we want to allow them to play together or against each other.The gaming community is perceived to be an anti-social one and our aim and goal at 365IThub is to change that and we want to promote competitive gaming by providing a place where people from all walks of lives can come and polish their skills to compete in the world of e-sports which is on the rise. If that is not your aim, anyone or everyone can walk in for a casual gaming experience and chill with their friends or come alone to unwind after a hectic day at work. Whichever the reason for your visit, we promise to provide the best gaming experience and service on high-end PC’s with specs carefully selected and then paired up with high resolution displays to give the best gaming experience possible; our gaming computers are made of every gamers dreams.
We also realize that PC gamers are not the only ones that make up our gaming community but console gamers too are an integral part of this as well. So we also have Xbox and Ps4 consoles in our portfolio which have been paired up with high definition displays to give an unreal gaming experience to our console preferring members too. We just don’t stop at gaming, we have other great services that we provide and we like to maintain the same standards we provide to our gamers in those as well. .

Our Services

Our service portfolio includes printing, computer repairs and web designing. Our printing services include all kinds of printing done on high quality papers by state of the art printers available in the market to give you the best prints you need. The second service we provide is that of computer repairs, 365IThub is founded and run by gamers, so we know our gaming computers, over a normal computer shop we have experts on gaming pc’s that can repair your gaming pc and handle it with care that it needs over a traditional PC. The third part of our service portfolio is web designing, our crew includes members who have mastered the skill of designing a website and can provide you a website tailored down to the single digit of code to your taste. Apart from gaming and other services, we also have a wide range of games for both pc’s and consoles available.
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Pricing & Membership

We provide our prospective customers three options for using our services, they can either do so by becoming a member of our system or by just paying for what they play, our three plans are listed down below.


Powerful computers

4€ /hour

Special prices

5€ – 2 Hours

8€ – 4 Hours

24€ – Unlimited per day

Trible Kill 20€ – 3 friends 4 hours each

Quadra Kill 28€ – 4 Friends 4 hours each

Pre-Book Penta Kill 30€ – 5 Friends 4 hours each

Tenta kill 50€ – 10 Friends 4 hours each


Play with friends

6€ /hour

Special prices

10€ – 2 Hours

16€ – 4 Hours

30€ – Unlimited per day


Nintendo Switch

PlayStation 4

Xbox 360


Go into the game

10€ /hour

Special prices

16€ – 2 Hours

Available VRs

PlayStation VR

Oculus Go

Oculus Rift

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10 St Patrick's Quay, Montenotte,
Cork, T23 NP30, Ireland


Sunday to Thursday:   6am - 1am

Friday and Saturday:   24h

Call Us

+353 (21) 241 3981